Electronic Squirrel Repellent

Just as we had once invaded their homes in the wild, the squirrels have now started to invade our homes in search of food and shelter, especially in our gardens and backyards. If these little animals are giving you a lot of trouble then perhaps it is time that you tried a repellent to keep them away from your property. Among the various types of products that are available, electronic squirrel repellents are one of the most effective ones. The effectiveness is mainly due to the fact that unlike most other repellents, these do not depend on indirect influences like the fear associated with the smell of a predator’s urine or the usual dislike for peppers and spices in squirrels. Electronic repellents work by directly affecting the squirrels (or any other animal for that matter) in such a way that they choose to run away from the source of their discomfort.

Strobe lights are a very effective way to scatter squirrels as well as other small animals from your property. What happens is that the strobe light flashes suddenly with a seemingly incredible intensity when the squirrels or rats approach the area where it is installed. The sudden flash not only works to startle the rodents, but they also hurt their extremely sensitive eyes. The startling effect and the accompanying pain work together to keep the pests at bay. However, strobe lights are mostly effective in scaring away the animals that are invading or nesting in your attic, basement or any other dark room because it is imperative that the place is dim enough to make the intensity of the strobe lights seem all the more strong.

Strobe lights may protect your attic and basement, but to keep the squirrels away from your garden with the help of an electronic squirrel repellent, you would need something in the line of what is popularly known as the “Scare Crow Sprinkler”. This is a very effective electronic gadget which functions by combining customizable motion detector technology with a customized water sprinkler. The device detects the presence of squirrels as soon as they get near the area that you are trying to protect and starts spraying water towards the animal, often with accompanying noise to make the scaring part more effective. This trains the animal to avoid your garden region in the future as well. As it is possible to tune the motion detection sensitivity to a very low level so as to suit the particular need of the user, you can set the device to detect and react to only creatures as small as a squirrel. In this way, the water sprinklers will not react to human footsteps when you and your family approach the protected area.

Electronic squirrel repellents are usually more effective than other, more common chemical or natural squirrel repellents because of their targeted and direct approach which affects the particular animal that is trying to invade your home or garden. They are also completely safe for everyone as well as being light on the pocket and also the maintenance.