Homemade Squirrel Repellent

It is both humane and effective to use repellents for keeping squirrels out of your household than opting for extermination. It is also illegal to kill squirrels in a number of places as they are often under the protection of wild life reservation laws. If you want to keep the little rodents away from your garden and bird feeders, then there are some easy to make recipes available for making homemade squirrel repellents. These will help you make a repellent that will get rid of squirrels in a way which isn’t any less effective than the products which are sold in the market. Besides, they are safe for everyone in your home and the environment, including your pets, children and even the squirrels because these repellents are made mostly out of natural ingredients like hot peppers.

To make a basic but effective pepper based squirrel repellent, you will need water, yellow onion, jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika. Once you have gathered all the ingredients, start heating the water while chopping the yellow onion and two jalapeno peppers down into little pieces. Add the chopped onion and jalapeno peppers into the water pot, along with one tablespoon of paprika and cayenne pepper each. Keep stirring until the water starts to boil and after that, just leave it alone for roughly 20 minutes. Once you turn off the oven after 20 minutes, you must now allow the solution to cool down for as long as it takes. Filter the solution to get rid of the onion and pepper residues by using a cheesecloth maybe, and pour it inside the spray bottle. You have now finished making a very simple yet effective squirrel repellent and all that is left to do now is to spray the plants and bird feeders directly with it. If you have a tree in your garden from which you want the squirrels to stay away from, try sprinkling more hot peppers and paprika powder near its base as that would make the repulsion all the more effective. There are other pepper based versions of this recipe that are similar, but offer slight variations in ingredients, especially in the type of peppers involved.

A different genre of homemade squirrel repellents that you can use involves utilizing hair or urine from predatory animals (or you!) to scare the squirrels away from your place. Placing cat hair or even human hair near the regions which you want to keep squirrel free might actually work as hair retains the smell of the being it was attached to at one point. The urine also works on the same principle since squirrels and other smaller animals view the scent of a predator’s urine as a sign of danger. Although you might not be able to collect the urine of a wild animal, it is possible to deter squirrels from your garden by spilling kitty-litter in it. Make sure that you are reapplying the homemade squirrel repellents every once in a while to keep your home free of squirrels. You might also need to re-spray after a rain shower.