Natural Squirrel Repellent

As repellents are mainly used to deter squirrels from gardens and bird feeders among other places, it is perhaps best if the product contains natural ingredients. It reduces the chances of children and pets around your home being affected by the repellent. Natural products are all about natural ingredients and what is more natural than using the scent of a predatory animal’s urine to scare away the prey? Most of the urine based squirrel repellents use concentrated urine solution of the fox, which is the most common predator to squirrels in the wild. It is the nature of a hunting animal to mark its ground by urinating the area and it acts as a “Stay Away” sign for squirrels for obvious reasons. These repellents are to be sprinkled or sprayed around regions that you particularly want the squirrels to stay out of, but remember that you need to reapply them periodically to keep those pesky rodents away for good. A good spell of rain will evidently wash away the repellent, so make sure that you apply some more after it rains. The predator-urine based squirrel repellents are typically cent percent natural and have no harmful effects on you or your pets.

The other kind of natural squirrel repellents are those that use different kinds of pepper mixes to disperse the squirrels from your garden. Gardeners are the ones who suffer the worst when squirrels begin to make their appearances, but damage to the precious flowers and vegetables can be averted by simply using a coating of cayenne pepper based repellent over the soil that you are sowing your bulbs into. Squirrels are not particularly fond of hot spices and once the area smells and tastes of pepper, rodents in general would in all probability, avoid that place. Reapplication is once again necessary if you want to continue enjoying a squirrel free garden or bird feeder. Once the plants grow to a certain height, you should also sprinkle or spray natural squirrel repellent that is made primarily from a mix of hot peppers and mild detergent, directly on them.

Apart from being safe for human beings and pets, natural squirrel repellent is safe for the squirrels and that is quite important too. What most people fail to understand is that the reason squirrels must enter our household is because they need to find food which they cannot find enough anymore because men have ventured into their territory and taken what was once there in their habitat. You should also consider that squirrels can be useful as natural trimmers. The trees and plants in which the squirrels live are clipped and shaped by them to suit their needs which often act as bonus to the trees since it leads to better growth.