Squirrel Control

Squirrels are small animals that frequently invade human properties in search of food and in the process; they often damage gardens, wooden structures and empty the bird feeders. You must understand that these little creatures do not do it with the intent of causing damage to you, but because they are hungry and homeless. The best that you can do to protect your garden and home without harming the squirrels is maintain certain rules and use some sort of a repellent. Repellents are useful if you choose the right kind of equipment that suits your particular kind of problem. Some of these are best suited for gardens and backyards, while others are perfect for keeping squirrels and similar creatures out of your basement and attic. Squirrel repellents that use pepper mixes or animal urine to do the job are more common and have been in use for a long time now, but modern repellents like ultrasonic squirrel repellents or electronic squirrel repellents are more direct in their approach, which also makes them more effective at times. The need to use repellents to deter squirrels could however, be restricted to minimum if you follow a few preventive measures of squirrel control in the first place.

Squirrels and other rodents usually infest places which lack proper sanitation and maintenance as it provides them an ideal place to both find food as well as nest. The attic serves as a good place for the squirrels to stay out of the way of predators plus the weather, but what really draws them to seek refuge in the attic is the availability of food in your home. Garbage cans without lids on them, bird food in the bird feeders and tiny bits of food lying around uncleanly on the floor or the table are just some of the sources which allow the squirrels to get easy access to that food, which brings them to your home in the first place. Barbecues can be quite messy, so make sure that you clean up well after it, if you want to avoid squirrels and other wild animals venturing into your property in order to eat the scattered leftovers. Dog or cat trays can be a problem if the trays are left unattended for a while, so clean up after your pets as well. It is advised that you make sure there are no small gaps or holes that might allow the small animals a way into your attic. Maintenance and cleaning is essential to keep all kinds of pest out, be it squirrels, rats, mice or anything else for that matter.

Squirrel control in the open areas like yards or gardens is a much harder task than keeping them out of your house. You would probably need to place hardware cloth, cut and shaped to cover the region that you want to protect from the burrowing rodents. To stop the squirrels from eating your fruits, vegetables and flowers you can use appropriate fencing that goes at least a feet, below the ground as well. These won’t work in all cases though and you may even need to depend on squirrel repellents as well to completely solve the problem. Trapping squirrels with the help of baits (peanut butter being the most successful bait) and specialized cages are sometimes the most effective way to get rid of them as it allows you to relocate them to a place far away from where you live (6 km minimum). It may be necessary in certain states to attain a permit before you set off to trap and relocate the invaders. There are also professional trappers who are very adept and they work a lot faster than an inexperienced house owner. In fact, it is perhaps a good idea to seek professional help if the number of squirrels seems a bit overwhelming and the standard protocols for squirrel control seem to be rendered ineffective.

Although squirrels are considered to be pests by most people, one should understand that they are just animals who are trying to survive as men have encroached and started to live where there was once a place for them.