Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellent

If squirrels are troubling you by invading your garden or the attic, you are probably interested in finding a way to deter them from coming back to your property. Out of the different modern ways in which we try to keep squirrels off our land, ultrasonic squirrel repellents are the only ones that work without any visible or audible (to the human ears at least) act to get the job done. These devices do not need to sprinkle water or to flash bright lights for scaring the animals off, they do so just by emitting sonic frequencies that are inaudible to human ears but extremely disturbing for squirrels, rodents and other such animals. Although dogs may be able to hear them, most ultrasonic repellents are usually designed in such a way so as to not hurt your pet’s ears.

Even when you are about to opt for an ultrasonic squirrel repellent, make sure that you choose the right one, because the products are specifically designed to handle a particular type of situation as well as location. These devices also have instructions and details on them like how much area it covers and where it can be most effective, which would help you understand what is the ideal location to use that particular device or whether you need something else. While some of them may be perfect for keeping squirrels out, they may not work against rodents that are already inside and nesting. It is best that you opt for a strobe light to scatter squirrels and rats that may already be nesting inside the house.

There are however, some very powerful devices that work on the principle of ultrasonic frequency to keep squirrels as well as bigger animals like raccoons, skunks or even stray dogs out of your property. They are powerful enough to be used both inside your house as well as outside, near your garden. The repellent devices are aided by a motion sensor which allows it to be precisely activated when the invading animals approach anywhere near the protected region. The ultrasonic frequency disturbs and scares the squirrels and they also learn to avoid that region in the future after a few tries. However, you must remember that some of these ultrasonic squirrel repellents are designed to keep even stray dogs away from your property, thus they may not be ideal for you if you own a dog. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully and ask the salesman all the necessary questions before you actually decide on for the apparatus. If you have fish or birds, then they will most probably not be affected by the ultrasonic frequencies as their hearing is on a dissimilar level than that of dogs or rodents.